The Best Way of Drinking Water

Water is Life

Water  is essential for every living being to complete his body functions properly. 2 / 3 part of a human body is made of water. Generally it is said that eight glasses of water are sufficient for proper functioning of every human body. But this rule is not applicable for everybody as the water requirement of every person Depends upon the climate or weather conditions of his area, type of food he is consuming and Lifestyle he is living. For example in summer body  needs more water cause of high temperature and high sweating while in winter the water consumption by the body gets lower. If you eat spicy and oily food you need more water to digest it but, if you eat more salads and fruits with less spicy food you will need less amount of water. In the same way if your job profile is of sitting work then you need less water in comparison with those who have a hectic schedule.

Hence, the water needs of every human being can be different. It also depends on your weight. We can calculate the amount of water needed for a particular person by dividing his weight with 10 and subtracting 2 out from it and you will get the right quantity of water you must drink in a day. For example if a person has 60 kgs of weight, then he should take(60/10=6-2=4) ltrs. of water a day. Drink the essential amount of water to rehydrate your body. It will prevent your blood to be thicken and maintain your Blood Circulation process.

Drink Plenty of Water

Now what  is the correct way of drinking water, so it can help you to maintain your health and weight. If you drink right Quantity of water with proper rules of drinking it, then it becomes a very useful medicine to prevent you from many diseases, increases your beauty and reduces the aging effects. You just have to keep the following few things in your mind while drinking a glass of water.

  1. Never drink water in standing position. Always sit down properly and and then drink water. When you drink water in standing position it causes joint pains and many such diseases.
  2. Never chug too much water at once with making the sound “gatak gatak”. Always sip the small amount of water. Drink your whole glass by sipping it slowly. If you drink excess of water at once your body will not be able to absorb the required amount of water and most of the water will be thrown out from your body.
  3. Always drink the lukewarm water. Our organs perform their functions on body temperature which is about 37 degree Celsius. When you drink chilled water, then your stomach needs the blood of same temperature to maintain that body temperature. Then it demands blood from nearby organs such as heart , intestine etc. This process effects the functioning of other body organs and  causes many different diseases. So avoid cold and ice water for drinking.
  4. Take two glasses of water immediately after you wake up in the morning without brushing. Morning saliva has alkaline properties which reduces the gastric and and acidity problems. This is also helpful in activating your organs which were in rest while you were sleeping and it also helps in releasing the toxins out of your body. It is helpful in easy motion. When your motion is clear your mind gets refresh and works actively.
  5. Take one glass of warm water one hour before going to your bed. It will help you to digest your food, maintain the blood pressure and fulfill the fluid requirement in your body at the time of sleeping.
  6. Don’t drink excess amount of water with your meal. By doing so there remain no space for digestive juices in your stomach. These digestive juices gets diluted with excess amount of water and and your stomach is not able to digest the food properly. The food goes fermented and you have to suffer from gastric. So just sip small amount of water with your meal.
  7. Take one glass of water before half hour of your meal. It will help you from taking excess quantity of food. Take one glass of water after an hour of your meal. It provides your Digestion system a proper interval to absorb the nutrients from food.
  8. Drink water when you feel thirsty.  Thirst is the natural phenomena. When your body gets dehydrated and need some water, then you feel thirst. Always drink water when you feel thirsty.
  9. Drink one glass of warm water before taking a shower can lower the blood pressure.

Drink the plenty of water everyday but slowly, and in small sips. By sipping, the Saliva in your mouth properly mixes up with water, which is helpful in the proper digestion of your food.

Stay happy & healthy! Thank You!

Be Aware of Your Medical Prescriptions

Be aware about Medication

Doctors are the second form of God. Where the great God gives us this beautiful life, Doctors help us to maintain the fitness and Regulating the activities of our body for a healthy life. But these all things are true only when your doctor has certified qualifications(full time medical courses from a certified university), Full dedication to his job & the most important humanity. But now a days the main ingredient humanity is missing in some doctors. They are more greedy about money. They have no value of your life. But all doctors are not same. Some takes there patients as their responsibility. For them your life is precious.

So it depends on you to choose the right doctor for yourself. First you should give priority to your body then you can expect someone else to cure yourself. Follow some steps while you think you need a medical prescription.

  1. Understand your body: Each individual has different body requirements and responses. These all depends upon their birth time situations (such as, place of birth home or hospital, delivery style normal or cesarean, Birth Status healthy or with some complications etc.), the climate they live, the air they inhale, the water they drink and the food they eat. In this way anything which is best for someone can be worst for other one. So it becomes necessary to recognize your body and its responses about some climate changes, food allergies, some kind of fragrance allergies etc. Be aware about what your body can welcome and what doesn’t suits it.
  2. Understand the seriousness of your disease: Here I have two suggestions. First is – if you have some normal physical problems, like headache, loose motions, leg pain, seasonal cold, mensuration pain etc. Try to avoid taking medicine for these. Our immune system fights against such seasonal problems and forms antibodies against the bacteria. But when we take medicine for these small small things the immune system gets weaken and self resistance power against climatic changes reduces. You can take some exercise, good sleep, healthy food, plenty of water and some home remedies to overcome such problems. But if any cold, any pain or any other disability is going moreover than two days consult your doctor. If the pain intensity is too high and you feel any kind of discomfort in breathing or dehydration go to your doctor without loosing a second.
  3. Don’t be the doctor yourself: Never take any medicine without the concern of a doctor, or never advise someone to do so. Every drug mostly the painkillers have many side effects and some precautions regarding taking them with other drugs. Their salts can react and negatively affect your body. Some drugs are advised with milk, some with warm water and some with cold water, some after your meal and some before your meal. Each drug has a proper dose to treat your problem. But if you take it without concerning your doctor it can be harmful and life taking risk. Yes for emergency you can keep some common drugs by asking your physician or you can use some Ayurvedic medicines as they have natural ingredients causing negligible side effects.
  4. Go to the right category of doctor you need: Before going to a doctor do some homework. If you have some dental problem then a physician or surgeon can not help you anymore. You must go to the dentist. So this home work will save your time and also the risk of wrong treatment too.
  5. Ask everything about your medicine: It is your right to ask questions from your doctor regarding your health, and medication he prescribed. You must be aware of everything about your medication, its timing, doses, side effects, food supplements, precautions etc. A good doctor always listen his patient with patience and satisfied him first with his polite answering and showing no hurry.
  6. Always Check the expiry date printed on the pack: Before doing payments for your medicine always check the manufacturing date and date of expiry. It is very important. If you take a medicine after its expiry date , that can be dangerous for your body and cause some fatal reactions. So be careful about it. Also Throw out the expired medicine time to time by checking your first aid box.
  7. Keep an active Record of your all time medication : Write down your all medication processes on a note book with proper date and duration. Mention the name of doctor, medicine, clinic address, medicine manufacturer doses and their effects on you. It will help you in future medication and also in avoiding to use bad affecting medicine again.
  8. Always use a new or well sterilized needle for injection: It is very important to save yourself from some infectious diseases such as AIDS and other. Needle must be new or sterilized in boiling water.

Note that it is your body. Listen to it. If any medicine is making you uneasy in any way stop taking it and consult your doctor. He will change it with other substitutes or change the amount of doses. But if someone forces you to take that change the doctor. May be that was good for your relative but it is not necessary that the tolerance power of everybody is same. Never miss a dose and take all doses with suggested intervals by your doctor. Be active and cautious. It takes only one pill and two seconds to destroy the functions of your body but a long interval needs to overcome this disaster.

Take Care! Be safe! Be healthy!

Enjoy The Little Things Of Your Life

Everything is beautiful

Generally we get lots of excitement when some big events happen in our life, such as Weddings, New Baby Born, Job Promotions, Festivals etc. But what about small things which happens daily in our life. Each big thing is a result of the execution of a series of many small thaffectionedings. Anything big takes time and more effort. Yes! these big things are valuable and precious but if you have the ability to enjoy the little things of your life , you will be more excited, more creative and more confident not only on few selected days of years but 24*7 daily.

One more interesting thing about these little – little events is that they effortlessly happens in their selves and cause no inner or outer pressures on your mind. When you start appreciating small things, the journey for the biggest achievement becomes interesting, refreshing and full of positive energy. It releases the stress and reduces the bordam arises during the time intervals of the consisting big events.


Actually there is no such perfect moment which can delight your heart , it all depends on your desires and priorities. Sometimes anything bigger is also not enough to give you an inner peace and that pressure to make that moment more valuable is not at all avoidable. So don’t just waste your time in waiting but create a beautiful experience and a sweet memory with each passing interval and fully enjoy the all small – big events currently running in your life.

Big things has no need to seek your attention as you are automatically affectioned to them, so keep an active eye on the small things around you in present. Observe everything and consider the best positive outcomes from them. For Example play with children. Be a child for some intense and notice the level of excitement inside you. All memories of your Childhood will start dancing in front of you and that smiling curve on your face is the real happiness you were looking for. Be great full for everything you have by thanking God every time you realize their importance.

Appreciate yourself for doing some good, new, or helping others. Appreciate your self every time for little things. For example, I never have bad intentions, I always give my best etc. Complement yourself such as How tasty food I cook waoo! Pink Color Really suits on me!

Be thankful to others when they appreciate you and help you in common activities. Complement others for their attitude, looks, qualities, performance. Admire their specific internal talent. Always take a initiative for doing something new and good. Don’t wait for others to do so.

Enjoy each and every moment of your life before it is passed away. Enjoy at least three little things daily of your life and keep their record. Enjoy the first rain drop, dancing peacock, a peace of music, singing birds, hot coffee in winters and coconut water in summer, chatting with old friends, Shopping, and everything you can. And when you will look behind , you will realize how important and big things were those.

Double Standards A Poisonous Mentality

“Nothing annoys me more than, when someone expects you to be okay with something that they wouldn’t be okay with if you did it.”

Its not always so easy to deal with those who have some double standards. They never have a single conclusion over the same condition. There statements and thoughts switches here and there as their mood swings or they can not bear their failure. They are more confused about their future and clueless. They are living a fake life in a virtual world of selfishness. They just want to satisfy their ego by fooling and false promising their subconscious brain to prove their acts correct over the others for doing the same. Double Standards means if someone has different opinions for same situation or activity regarding the persons involved in these may be he himself or anyone his known with some other.

Double Standards shows the partial and selfish nature of someone. It is like if you object someone for abusing or insulting you for a reason and justify it when you abuse or insult someone for the same reason. It is like someone have different rules and regulations for others but when it comes to him rules get changed. Anyone can carry these double standard thoughts. “see how much he drinks (alcohol)” but when it comes to their own son, statements would be like ” Its okay to have some occasionally or “he does not misbehave someone” or “taking as medicine is good for health” or ” he does not take it on daily bases”.

“One of the biggest flaws of people are pretending to be blind to their own mistakes, but do not pretend deaf towards the mistakes of others.”

Isn’t it strange when parents search for a high valued, well settled and well educated son- in- law for their daughter but in case of their son they want a daughter- in- law , who can adjust according to their son. Isn’t it the height of double standards when your daughter visits your home twice a week but when your daughter in law wish to visit her home once a half year, your mood goes upset. Why a woman to be so perfect for a man. Why we raise our girls to be like boys why not boys to be like them. How the sacrifices of a parent can be higher valued than the other parents? I don’t want to make this topic unidirectional towards women but it is misfortune of us that women are the born victim of double standard thoughts everywhere.

Is there any difference b/w the pain of a major’s wife and a solder’s wife, while both of their husbands had sacrificed their life for the country. Does any disease hurts the poor more than those who are rich or vice versa. Does the clouds rain for you more than your neighbors. No, pain is pain whether it is your or mine. So treatment should be same either it is you or me.

“A Double standard exists when an action, moral or standard is considered appropriate and praiseworthy for one group but considered wrong and deplorable for another.”

So from where this kind of double standards come? The virus of double standards attacks only those who have some insecurity and inferiority issues. Those who are not sure about there decisions and choices. Those who have no self realization and who are currupt. When they see anything goes against them or they would be apologized, they set a new standard for that to keep their self right. Before passing any judgment put yourself at the place of others and analyze your behavior. Think if someone would be like you then will your thoughts be same.

Double standards shows the poor stable conditions of mind. It is the lack of self confidence and the weak ability to accept the truth. It is the desire of domination. This kind of persons can never grow too high as they are limited within their self made boundaries. They have no connection with right-wrong, would be-would not be, do’s and don’ts. They are always right for them and forces their self on others.

Being a successful one stay away with such baseless people who can rotate in any direction with the changing direction wind, because they will never appreciate your jobs as they have double standards regarding your and their success. Just focus on your goal and make decisions of being single standard by keeping the facts in consideration. Then only you will get the real success and able to improve yourself.

What Your Clothing Reveals About You

Choose the right clothing

Do you think your clothing can reveal your personality or it is worth to judge a person by his clothing? In my opinion clothing does not open up your whole inner personality but yes , it reflects a clear image of it. Your dressing sense is the first thing which is look upon by the people and they set an idea on its behalf about your personality even without interacting you. Your clothing sets a great impact on the individuals within your surroundings. So its very important to carefully dress-up yourself before going out. All this information given below is based on the research of some psychology specialists and fashion experts and collected from different sources and some of my own experiences.

It is the right of everyone to look attractive and stylish. Style has no proper definition and age limitation. Everyone can set his own style and can wear anything, he feels comfortable for his body. There are some tips which will be helpful in selecting a perfect out fit for you:-

  1. Don’t follow the trend blindly. It is not important of being trendy always but how this trend is going with your body matters. Accept that every trend is not suitable for your body just like each shining metal is not gold. Choose a clothing according to your Body type, body shape and body texture. Avoid loose clothing if you are skinny and choose vertical lining shirts if you are short in height. Make your own trend and follow your self style statement.
  2. Dress up your self according to your age. Don’t wear something which make you older and ugly than your actual age or make you the victim of insults and laughter in old age. Always carry an outfit which can maintain your dignity and respect at that particular age step.
  3. Select a clothing you can carry elegantly and comfortably without loosing its charm. Then only it will show your confidence and self esteem. It is not about how costly your dress is, if you have no ability to manage it perfectly it will completely destroy your look.
  4. Dress up yourself according to the theme or occasion of that place you are going. If you are going in some office environment than carry some formals or if you are going for outing wear some casuals. For any wedding ceremony you can choose some heavy and embroidered outfits. In case of women, don’t wear too short clothes in your workplace as they can impact your flirty and advantage taking nature upon someone’s mind.
  5. If your going in other region, country, state or different environment choose the clothing according to the tradition and culture of that particular area. In India there is a phrase “jaisa desh vaisha bhesh”. Whatever you are wearing must be acceptable there.
  6. Put the clothing according to the weather and season. In summer prefer light colors and in winters prefer dark colors.

Now what the psychology says about the people’s mood, mind and personality, who loves to wear some particular colors and styles of clothing. Many time we dressed up with our mood and mental state of mind. Some people planned their clothing, some just wear whatever they wish with no concern.

People who love to wear bright colors are childish, full of energy, optimistic and trend setter. Bright colors such as yellow clothing is preferred by the people who are active, creative, addicted, day dreamer,adventures, explorer and conquerer. Orange clothing is liked by optimistic, cheerful, eager to change and energetic people. they may be flaky but ambitious and prudent. People who love pink are kind, romantic and self righteous. people who like red are passionate, easily excitable, slightly self-centered and attention seeker. Purple lover people are royal, creative and art lover. White is the symbol of peace, freedom, purity and trust. these are reliable and flexible to the changes.

People who love to wear dark colors or dark shades are mature. disciplined, deep thinker and strong will powered. persons who love black clothing are purposeful, ambitious, sensitive and emotional. they hide their emotions and believe in the inner beauty of a person. Brown lovers are stable, reliable and concentrated. People who love blue are kind, calm, sympathetic, poise and shy in nature. Who loves green are active, soft heart, financially stable, social and cautious.

If someone love to wear some abstract printing clothes like some geometrical printing, maths formulas, that means you are sorted and have clear goals of your life. You are confident about you and love to express yourself. If you love to wear floral printing clothes, you are kind and natural. You can never hurt someone. Someone who loves slogan printed clothing are bold and expressive. They love to express their thoughts through these slogans.

Someone who choose loose clothings are open minded and can easily adopt the changes. They think beyond the limits. In reverse who love tight clothing are narrow minded and more conservative in nature. They are limited under the social boundaries. The one who is always in search of designer dresses has lake of self confidence. He has some issues regarding his image so he always want to show off his financial status and money power.

Your clothing is the way of giving respect to others and in same way getting respect from them too. Don’t make someone awkward with your dressing. It is not worth to judge a person’s character on the basis of his clothing because clothing is based on occasion, weather conditions, financial status and individual’s choice, and these all factors are changeable with time. But, yes choose a clothing which is easily adjustable, manageable, and comfortable for you. Which make you more confident and to groom up you not to destroy your look.

Things Which are Free of Cost to Distribute

In this Selfish world Everything has a price to be paid. Nothing is free. We persons are too money minded that we cannot give a single thing in free to others. We are always in the chance to grab others opportunities. Thinking of people is so down market that they feel time waste in helping others and giving money to others is a very tough job for them as love for money is dominating their humanity.

But behind this cunning nature, there are so many reasons. The most important of them is the unfaithful and thankless behavior of people. When someone needs money ,it comes to you with a puppy face but when the time comes to return it back, he becomes more advocative. It becomes an impossible task to get your own money back from him. Another reason is the want for the return of favor, selfish and greedy nature of the people. Due to these the real needy and actually deserving candidates didn’t get help at the right time.

Well it is your money, you have earned it with your hard work and skills. So its your choice only to help someone with money or the things purchased by your money. But here I am not talking about money or luxury. Here I am talking about some Priceless – costly things, that means the things which has no price but more value. There are so many things you can distribute among people at free of cost.

1.. Positive Vibes :- These are the vibrations or the kind of energy a person feels, when you are around him. It is the impact of your presence on someone’s mind. Now the question is how can you give the positive vibes to others? Answer is very simple, just give a sweet smile. use some sweet words, show positive attitude in every situation. Respect the individuality of others. Win their trust.

2.. A Helping Hand :- Help the people who need it. Share your food at the place of wasting it. Help in crossing the road to the children,  senior citizens, handicaps and animals also. Try to provide first aid or send him to the hospital if someone met with an accident. Don’t make videos and pictures but make some efforts to save a life. Leave your seat and let that senior citizen or pregnant woman or that sick person to sit there. at the place of laughing on a felling person , give him your helping hand and raise him up. Above same things are applicable on animals, birds and plants also. Put some grain seeds on the open area near your home for feeding hungry birds. Avail some water for thirsty animals as they have no water supply from government.

3.. Moral Support :- It means, if someone is in grief, console him, if he is sad , try to please him, if he is desperate, motivate him, If he is doing some good or making some efforts, appreciate him, If he fails, buck him up for trying again, If he is hopeless, give him some positive thoughts in each process always give a hope for the best and encourage him with lots of good examples. If someone has no idea of life or he is distracted from his way, give him guidance. Help him in finding out his strengths and influence him for giving the best out of him.

4.. Little Charity :- Charity does not only means to give some money or blankets to any social organization, but you can distribute your old furniture, clothes, crockery, gadgets etc. if they are in good condition and you are going to update them. You can give your old books to the poor students of your school after passing your current class. You also can give your uniform if it is not meaningful for you after leaving that particular school. At the place of throwing or burning the things which are in good condition, you can help some needy whom these are more valuable.

5.. Your Time :- Time is a precious thing to give someone in this busy scheduled life. If your one second can save someones life or give him the right direction, please give it to him. And finally when you will count these seconds, you would actually be calculating the best moments of your life.

6.. Freedom :- It has a broad meaning but here I will only discuss about someones personal space. Don’t put your nose everywhere. Whatever is someone doing until it is against humanity or illegal, don’t interrupt them. In democracy everyone has right to think, act and behave with his own choice. Don,t disturb or trouble any animal, bird or plant just for your fun. Don’t pluck the leaves and flowers for no reason. Freedom is one of my favorite issues. I will discuss it in my another blog in detail.

Beside these you can save water, electricity, fuel and other resources and can reduce the trouble of our next generation, Do more plantation and give oxygen to the environment. Keep your environment clean and maintain hygienic atmosphere and prevent the diseases.

If you will distribute above things among humans and animals , I promise you will never return with an empty hand. You will always get a happy heart and satisfied mind by yourself and lots of prayers and well wishers with lots of good luck. Implement this kind of giving nature in your attitude and be the best version mankind yourself.

Win Your Anger

Don’t let your anger win

“Anger is a feeling, that makes your mouth work faster than your mind”

Anger is a strong emotion of living beings, which leads from normal
irritations to the furious rage. —It is that state of mind , which make your actions more destructive , Negative , senseless and harmful. —It is an automatic emotion which arises in response to a pain, failure, loss, grief, violence etc. It is both automatic and sometimes applied by others. It may be the reaction of some instant happenings or the result of a long time depression and failure.

Win Your Anger

   There can be so many reasons for a person being angry. Some of them are genetic, some are the results of past bad experiences, some are based on present poor conditions and other are the responses of the activities happened against our expectations. In today’s multitasking life, where every task has a limited period of time to be accomplished, a little mistake or delay can set the fire of your anger. Example: you are waiting for the flight and it delays by one hour.

   Sometime the restlessness of your body can make you angry. When you are ill or suffering from a long term disease, it can cause helplessness and the responsive emotion comes out as anger. Short amount of anger is good for health and mental peace as it has no bad effect on your heart and body. it releases your stress. Expressing anger against any violence and wrong behavior can be beneficial for not being happened it again. Anger is good until it is not harmful for you and others. When it goes out of control it may cause serious problems like breakups in relationships, defame your social prestige, create mental and physical illness. When you become angry your heartbeat rate and blood pressure goes higher than its normal rate.

How to deal with your anger : – It is very important to convert your energy in a positive and constructive manner. Don’t waste your energy against you. Give it a correct direction to make it productive. there are so many ways to win your anger. First of all teach your mind that anger is actually not a good thing for your growth and success as well as for your professional and personal life. Try to find out the reason behind your anger and try to resolve them at the place of blaming others, yourself and the destiny. Don’t let the words never, only me, impossible to command your mind. Replace them with next time, just a coincidence ,will not happen again etc.

“Anger is a friend of your enemies, which helps them in defeating you. To win your enemy Defeat your anger.”

Leave the place as soon as possible. When some incident is making you unhappy and or anyone is irritating you then leave that place as soon as possible. It will be helpful to lower the intensity of your anger. Go to a lonely place and take a deep breath. Repeat the process with saying yah Its okay, I will manage, I am Okey, I am Fine. This therapy is very useful practically.

Distract your mind from the current situation. Try to think about something that makes you happier. Use your imagination power to think some funny and relaxing. Try to memorize some jokes and humor to laugh. Laugh loudly. You also can listen some music. Music is super fast mood changer. or you can engage yourself in some other activities like, walking, driving, shopping, etc. Distracting your mind can help you to forget the bad situation and can calm down your mind.

“Explain your anger instead of expressing, and you will find the solutions not arguments.” It means go in deep with the reasons behind your anger. Don’t speak bad words and language when you are angry or don’t raise your hands upon someone.

“It is wise to direct your anger towards problems not people; to focus your energies on answers not excuses.”

Learn to forgive at the place of taking revenge. Feeling of taking revenge can do the situation more worse. Try to forget the things and forgive the people. Also use some apologizing words if you hurts someone in your anger.

Do some meditation to relax your mind. If needed or you think it is uncontrollable your anger contact with a psychiatrist. Observe the aggression and violence in your behavior under anger. If it is not acceptable consult with a counselor.

Share your emotions with your family or friends. Blocking your anger in your mind can be dangerous for your health and mind. So don’t store your emotions within you. Share them with your closed ones, it will be helpful to find out some solutions and mental support.

Its very important to deal your anger in a positive way so its output will become beneficiary for you. By following above ideas you might be able to win your anger during a certain time period.