That Era Of Letter Communication

Letter Communication

There was a time when these mobiles were not in existence. Land lines were also not so popular among common people, for communicating . The cheap and affordable communication media was letter writing and Indian Post in India. People used to write letters to convey their status of health and wellness and to wish any festival, good news or celebration. For fastest delivery Telegram was preferred. It contains only a single lined message. Only the main idea of the matter.

My Father is a Govt Teacher in Tehri Garhwal, Uttrakhand . His hometown is in Bijnor Uttar Pradesh and My mother’s family lives in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh.These three destinations are at a huge distance from each other.So, In decade of 80-90 , My mother used to write letters to her family for stay in connect to them. As I got the skill of writing, my mother started giving me a corner to write in her letters . It was about first half of 90’s, I was in my early age about 5-6 years. Relationship among we siblings and my maternal relatives is more friendly and caring. My Uncles, my cousins and we all send letters to each other. My second number uncle(mama) used to send us post cards and always write the name of us,(three out of three siblings) in the top of address bar. It was Like,

Indian Post Card

To, Sweety, Minti & Rohan and in the end of the letter there was always a smoking cartoon face.

it was like, Your’s Uncle His Name and

Letters were delivered at my Father’s College, where he was posted that time. Letters from my uncle would come on a weekly basis, If there was any kind of delay, the companion teacher of my father started to ask him why the letters were not coming, was everything all right. Although none of my uncle smokes but they draw that cartoon for teasing us.

In reply We also draw some cartoons and tease them by saying those childish gossips and fights. Post Card is open communication on a card of prescribed size. It has 14 cm length and 9 cm breadth. My mother generally wrote Inland letters. They had a large area for writing the details. Inland Letter Card has flaps and folds and a maximum weight of 5 grams.

This kind of letter communication had a true love and care inside the each words written on it. Starting of letter is done with Wishing Respect to elders and love to youngers, assuring them with our wellness and hoping for their wellness. Everyone did a long wait to get answers of their letters from their beloveds. These letters had real emotions , a fragrance of affinity and a bond of unconditional love. Those moments of waiting for your letter were precious. There was an excitement and curiosity to read the letter and know about the wellness and prosperity and progress of our relatives, friends and closed ones.

I will discuss an other kind of letter here which we used to write our friends who used to sit next to us in our classroom. By sitting next to each other writing for them sounds stupid but we did this. Wordings of that letter were like, My Dearest friend ABC, Always Live happy! Keep shining Like the sun, Keep fragrance like the flowers, keep twinkling like the stars, keep moving like the earth, Keep singing like the birds…………………………………. When such letters had been caught by someone in family , that person got mad by laughing on such childish thoughts. But those keeps had lots of prayers for our best friends. Even when there was a fight between two friends, these letters were also used for blaming each other.

One more thing I miss is New Year Greeting Cards. Those lovely cards contained wonderful rhyming and lyrics to wish a brand new year to our loved ones. I remember we purchased lots of card of different sizes and prices for different category of our friends. The most costly and the biggest one was generally for the Bestie. Remaining were distributed in accordance with the affection towards them. We also draw some cards from our hand also. It was really exciting.

Now these all emotions, efforts and excitements are converted in to the SMS, Texts and Emoji’s. Those dedications become just formalities. Those friends who wrote letters by sitting next to you now feel panic fingers in typing a text for you. Mobile generation has shorten the distance of communication but it increases the distances between hearts. People just copy, paste and forwards. they have no original and real emotions. Everyone is just a copy cat.